Data Engineering

Elevate your data infrastructure to new heights with Kebalex Consulting’s comprehensive Data Engineering services. Our team specializes in transforming legacy ETL pipelines into efficient cloud-based solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to optimize data processing and analysis.

Unlocking the Power of Your Data!

Cloud-Based Pipeline Transformation: Modernize your data pipelines with our expertise in Azure Databricks, AWS Glue, and Athena. We’ll migrate your legacy ETL processes to cloud-based architectures, improving scalability, reliability, and performance.
Integration with Backend and Client Services: Seamlessly integrate data engineering solutions with your backend and client services. Whether it’s integrating vendor services into core banking systems or connecting disparate data sources, we ensure smooth data flow across your ecosystem.
Offline Data Processing Pipelines: Process vast volumes of data efficiently with our offline data processing pipelines. From data ingestion to transformation and analysis, we design robust pipelines that handle your data processing needs with ease.
Bulk Data Validation: Ensure data accuracy and integrity with bulk data validation services. Our comprehensive validation processes verify the quality and consistency of your data, providing assurance for critical decision-making processes.

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    Why Choose Kebalex Consulting?


    Our team of experienced data engineers specializes in cloud-based technologies and data processing frameworks, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.


    With cloud-based solutions and scalable architectures, we empower your organisation to handle growing data volumes and evolving business requirements.

    Integration Capabilities

    We excel at integrating data engineering solutions with existing backend and client services, enabling seamless data flow across your entire ecosystem.


    Our robust data pipelines and validation processes ensure the reliability and accuracy of your data, providing confidence in your decision-making processes.

    Customized Solutions

    We work closely with your team to understand your unique requirements and tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs and objectives.

    Trust Kebalex Consulting to deliver innovative, reliable, and scalable Data Engineering solutions that drive actionable insights and fuel business growth.

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